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KLEEK Tours invites you to join us!

KLEEKTours rides are seasonally adjusted. Yes, it gets hot in Florida, so we generally ride to breakfast in July through September. Rides begin early and get us home around noon or before. The rest of the year, we usually ride to lunch or maybe even an attraction. Those rides typically start at a breakfast place, then head out of town for 100+/- miles and some terrific eaterie. The return routes are typically shorter and get us home between three and four pee emm. Details of the rides are usually included on the SundaySunday page, as well as an e-mail to anyone on my distribution list.

Whatever, if it's on the schedule, you're invited to join in. Show up at the meeting place identified in the ride summary, tank full, tolls where you can reach them and the right attitude. We'll take it from there.

Get on the distribtion list by sending your e-mail address to eek@ketcham.com.


Details of our upcoming rides can be found on the 'SundaySunday' page (see button above). Summaries of our previous rides can be found by clicking on either 'The Long Hauls' or the 'Prior Rides' button, also found above. The 'Long Hauls' page is for our 9 and 15 day rides, the 'Prior Rides' page covers our one or two day rides. The few photos I saved from our rides are all in the photo gallery.


All rides and destinations are subject to change due to weather conditions and the leader's whim. I recommend you check the website prior to any ride to see if we've posted an update. Contact me at eek@kleektours.com if you have suggestions for rides, lunches, etc.


KLEEK Tours is dedicated to safe rides and fun, all in one. We don't care what you ride, as long as you ride safely. Helmets are preferred for all riders and passengers. Normal riding is done in staggered formation to maximize the group's safety. We try to obey all speed laws and traffic control devices. Riders who present a safety risk to the group will be asked to leave the ride.


If you're not getting the weekly e-mail, and want to be annoyed regularly by said e-mail, send a request to eek@kleektours.com, tell me who you are and where/what you ride. I'll add you to the distribution list (which is NOT shared anywhere).


You can contact the owner of this site any time at eek@kleektours.com 

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